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Injectable Filler

Lip Augmentation

Lip fillers can be injected into the upper and lower lips to add volume, correct uneven lips, lift the corners of the mouth, define the Cupid's bow, enhance the lip border, and smooth out lip lines and wrinkles. Providers use several different types of fillers in lip augmentation procedures, made of different materials, but the most popular lip injection choices are made of hyaluronic acid.

Midface Augmentation

Cheek fillers are an injectable treatment that uses FDA-approved dermal fillers to sculpt and add volume to the midface, enhancing cheekbones and creating a more lifted, defined look.

Rhinoplasty with Filler

A nonsurgical nose job (aka liquid nose job) changes the shape and appearance of your nose with temporary dermal filler injections. This delicate procedure can camouflage bumps and small defects, raise a flat bridge or drooping tip, or make a crooked nose look straighter and more symmetrical—all without anesthesia, downtime, or the splint that’s required during surgical rhinoplasty recovery.